2012 Firefighters

Todd - Sedgwick County Fire - January 2013

Todd – Sedgwick County Fire – January 2013

Inspiration: My uncle, a fire lieutenant, along with my neighbor, a retired division chief for a local fire department inspired me to become a firefighter. I was lucky to get to ride out with them and experience the life of a firefighter first hand. The compassion they had for their job and how ever changing it was, drew me in.

Fitness Fact: I work out regularly with offset weights and cardio. Watch fat and carb intake very closely. Never pass up a chance to get into the gym.


Will – District 1 – Enterprise, Kansas – January 2012

Will - District 1 - Enterprise, Kansas - January 2012

Will – District 1 – Enterprise, Kansas – January 2012

Inspiration: “I grew up listening to stories from my two uncles, who are firefighters. Hearing those exhilarating stories about the lives they saved, I knew then what I wanted to be.”

Fitness: “I work out at the gym at least three times a week.”





Lauren - Halstead, Kansas Fire/EMS Rescue

Lauren – Halstead, Kansas Fire/EMS Rescue

Inspiration: My dad has been a firefighter since I was in 3rd grade. I want to be just like him and I am proud to carry on the family tradition.

Fitness Fact: I eat healthy and cut back on sweets and junk food, limiting myself to one soda a day.



 Calvin – Garden City, Kansas – March 2012

Calvin - Garden City, Kansas - March 2012

(Pictured with “Tink” who was recently adopted from the Kansas Humane Society.)

Memorable Experiences: Stopping a wild land fire from spreading to a house in a subdivision. When we arrived, the fire was ten yards from the residence. We attacked it from three sides and managed to stop it two feet from the home. I later learned the owners were from my home town and knew both of my parents.

Fitness Fact: I run in the morning and I lift in the evenings. To change up my cardio I do tower laps, run hills, or stadium steps.



 Brooke – Bently, Kansas – April 2012

Brooke - Bently, Kansas - April 2012

Inspiration: I had previously worked in EMS for three years and wanted to help my community. I work as a nurse in the burn unit and wanted to broaden my knowledge.

Fitness Fact: Eating healthy.




Dylan - El Dorado, Kansas - May 2012

Dylan – El Dorado, Kansas – May 2012

Memorable Experience: Was also my first. The call was for a child not breathing. When we showed up, he was unconscious and lifeless. With the help of Fire and EMS doing their part, I witnessed exactly how everything all comes together to save a life as the baby came around and started to improve.

Fitness Fact: I eat about 6-8 meals a day and work out or play sports whenever I can.





Kim - Kansas LAST - June 2012

Kim – Kansas LAST – June 2012

Memorable Experience: There are lots of memories, good and bad, from a call from where my son lost his best friend in eighth grade to helping kids run through the water from the fire hose in the park. But most memorable is living the dream. Feeling like Peter when he walked on water. If we keep our eyes on the goal, we will come out of any situation a better person.

Fitness Fact: Buddy system works good to keep motivated.



Travis - U.S. Forest Service - July 2012

Travis – U.S. Forest Service – July 2012

Memorable Experience: Meeting the amazing people who do this job, especially a crew from Colorado that I got to work with recently.

Fitness Fact: Go to the gym every day and do a mix of cardio and weight training unless I give myself a break for a week or two.



Lucas - District 1 - Enterprise, Kansas - August 2012

Lucas – District 1 – Enterprise, Kansas – August 2012

Inspiration: On 9/11/2001 I was eleven years old. I remember hearing that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Thousands of Americans died that day because of terrorists. Hundreds were firefighters, medics and law enforcement! They sacrificed their lives; how heroic and self-giving. I hope to display that same self-giving attitude and willingness to serve others in their time of need.

Fitness Fact: Two-minute maxes on push-ups and sit-ups every evening.


Abbey - September 2012

Abbey – September 2012 – U.S. Forest Service

The best part of fire fighting is being able to meet interesting, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable people who have come to the grasslands to work under extreme conditions.

Fitness Fact: I have competed in Olympic weight lifting since I was 14.




Judd - Sedgwick County - October 2012

Judd – Sedgwick County – October 2012

Memorable Experience: An explosion occurred at a local chemical plant. While at the alarm, a large tank blew its lid. The lid landed inside a home. I will never forget looking up, wondering how many guys just died. It was a very sick feeling.

Fitness Fact: I try to work out twice a week. I eat everything in sight. I don’t do cardio.



Sean - Topeka, Kansas - November 2012

Sean – Topeka, Kansas – November 2012

Memorable Experience: After the Joplin tornado in May 2011, I contacted a firefighter friend in Joplin to see what needs they had. After seven to ten days of search, rescue and recovery, the had exhausted the inventory of their duty pants. Most were wearing their own clothes from home. Within three days we were able to collect more than 100 pairs of pants and we delivered them along with $1000 to help set up a fund for firefighter families who lost their homes in the tornado.



Ariana – Colwich, Kansas – December 2012

Ariana - Colwich, Kansas - December 2012
Ariana – Colwich, Kansas – December 2012

Pictured with Sampson. Courtesy of Tina Whitewater

Memorable Experience: One call I will never forget is when we helped a lady and her children get out of a dangerous domestic situation. Her kids told us that we saved them and they were grateful for people like us. We still stay connected and check up on them.

Fitness Fact: I sometimes walk my dog; but, I mostly turn the music up loud and jam/dance around the house.



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